Your enemy reacts to your attack by Jamming, but you are ready to counter-jam. Unable to reinforce shields, he is forced to disengage, pulling his cruiser out of the battle.

sfbf-coverSTAR FLEET BATTLE FORCE is a fast-paced starship action card game. Compare the weapons cards in your hand to the ships in your Battle Force and launch your attack. The enemy responds with jamming, maneuvers, wild weasels, and damage control in a fierce effort to stay alive and counter-attack. The Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Gorns, Tholians, Kzintis, and Orion Pirates are in your Battle Force and ready for action.

Enhanced game system: some weapons can use more than one type of attack card. Many attack cards can be used for defense. Incremental damage recycles cards faster and gives more precise control over the action. Damage to ships can disable their weapons. Fighters, PF flotillas, Klingon Mutiny, Organian Ceasefire, Legendary Officers, and more.

Includes: 132 full-color cards, dice, damage markers, and multi-level rules. Play a fast game, or use every trick in the book. Each games comes complete; no expensive booster packs are needed. Stock #5911, $22.95. Available at your local game store, or from our shopping cart.

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