How the SFB Product Line Works
How the SFB Product Line Works

You start with Basic Set, which provides the basic rules and a few ships for the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Kzintis, Tholians, and Orions.

The expand the game with Advanced Missions, which provides advanced rules and a lot more ships.

To add new empires to your gaming experience, consider Module C1 (the Lyrans, Hydrans, and WYNs are to the west, beyond the Klingons), or Module C2 (the Neo-Tholians, ISC, and Andromedans), Module C3 (minor empires such as the WYNs, Seltorians, and Lyran Democratic Republic), Module F1 (the Jindarians and their asteroid ships), Module F2 (the Vudar, who rebelled from the Klingon Empire), Module E2 (the new Triangulum Galaxy), Module C4 (simulator races), or Module C5 (the empires of the Lesser Magellanic Cloud). To go really crazy, check out the Omega Sector.

To add new technology to your game, consider Module J (fighters), Module J2 (more fighters), Module K (gunboats), Module M (Marines), Module X1 and X1R (advanced Technology), Module Y1 and Y2 (the early years, before the television shows).

For more battles, see the Scenario Modules S1 and S2 with more than 50 battles each. To play in the tournaments, see Module T and Module TR.

For more ships, see Module R1 (general units and bases), Module R2 (Federation, Kzinti, Orion, Andromedan), Module R3 (Klingon, Lyran, Hydran, WYN), Module R4 (Tholians, Gorns, Romulans, ISC), Module R5 (battleships), Module R6 (fast warships), Module R7 (dreadnoughts), Module R8 (local defense units), Module R9 (ships that never were), Module R10 (the new cruisers), and Module R11 (support ships).

You might also want to look at the Tactics Manual, Campaign Designer's Handbook, Captain's Yeoman, and Module G3 Master Annexes.

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Then you probably just want to know the most recent new products, to see what you missed:
Module G3 Master Annex File (a compilation of charts, tables, and annexes from all products)
Module X1R (more X-ships)
Module R11 (support ships and new kinds of warships)
Module Y and Module Y2 (the early years, from Y80-Y120)
Module R10 (Variants of the NCAs)
Module R9 (The Ships that Never Were)
Module R8 (Local Defense Ships)
Module R7 (Dreadnought variants)
Module A Plus Captain's Yeoman (play aides and cards)

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