Stellar Shadows is a part of the SFU that cannot happen within the game's historical reality. Impossible ships, crazy ideas, goofy things, whatever. We have printed two such products.

Stellar Shadow Journal #1 (Buy One Here) includes Heavy PFs, the Old Fed CVA, Andromedan Immulator, Klingon D17, Maesron battleship, Andorian early DN, Kzinti Command Carrier, Lyran Quadra-cat, Peladine race, Warp gyroscope, starburst plasma, and much more. It also includes world war II bombers for SFB. The product was packed full of stuff and we had one bomber which we didn't have room for, and it's here.... B-29 Heavy Bomber SSD, Ship Description and MSC entry.

Stellar Shadow Journal #2 was published in a larger format as Captain'sLog #28. (What can we say? The stores couldn't figure out what SSJ was but will buy anything that says it's a Captain's Log.) Captain's Log #28 (Buy One Here) includes Paravians for the General War, the Tholian six-hull battleship, the lost Federation plan to win the General War, the Klingon BC8, the Romulan Assault Cruiser, The Gorn Base buster and destroyer-dreadnought, Tholian and WYN conversons of captured ships, the plasmatron, accelerated plasma, cloaked plasma launch, Plasma B, armored fighters, modular bombers, the warp gearshift, the deadly tribble launcher, Paravian rules and the cloudburst scenario for F&E, and the No Limit Klingon Holdem variant of Star Fleet Battle Force.


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