Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, southwest of Grants, New Mexico, provides a home for wolves who were bought as pets by people who quickly figured out that wolves don't make good pets. The wolves (timber and arctic) live out their lives in comfort and dignity, with a proper diet and good medical care. Wolves are kept in large pens, with two or three wolves per pen so they keep each other company. Genghis Khan, the brown wolf in the photo, is the Alpha Wolf of the sanctuary; even though they are in separate pens, the other wolves fear him and hide their food from his sight. The Sanctuary is supported entirely by donations, and by those who pay for tours. Their annual Howl-o-ween party (see Leanna in the photo meeting wolf ambassador Raven) includes a pumpkin (carved by children and stuffed with meat) for each wolf. The wolves who have been there for a year or more know when it's "pumpkin day". ADB Inc. supports Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. See their web site at


Leanna with wolfArctic WolfGenghis Khan     

           Cove  Navar  Oscar  Riot

Flurry 1  Flurry 2  Leanna and Flurry  Wolf with Bone 1  Wolf with Bone 2

    Duchess  Forest and SVC  Forest and Leanna 2  Kota  Forest and Leanna

Wolf Spirit  Wolf Spirit 2  Wolf Spirit 3  Wolf Spirit 4  Wolf Spirit 5

Romeo the fox

Howl-o-ween 2011


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BIG CAT RESCUE in Tampa Florida is the world's largest sanctuary for rescued great cats (lions, tigers, and all the rest). They provide a home for retired circus cats, and for cats which people acquired as pets (only to discover that tigers and leopards do not make good pets). The animals live out their lives in dignity and comfort, with proper diet and care. The sanctuary is supported by donations, and by people who pay for tours. Big Cat Rescue educates the public that people who breed the great cats for sale as pets are not doing anyone any favors, least of all the cats. Trying to breed white tigers, for example, results in dozens of genetically-defective orange tigers (blind, cross-eyed, deaf, hip dysplasia, digestive problems) for every white tiger, and nobody wants the orange ones. Big Cat Rescue refuses to take in cats from breeders and exploiters of these noble animals, since that just allows such abusers to breed more and more great cats for sale as pets. Big Cat Rescue once took in a tiger found by federal agents chained in the basement of a drug dealer! Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc., supports Big Cat Rescue with annual donations. The website for the sanctuary is found at

tigertigerlionlionSVC Feeding Tiger


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