The Paravians were descended from the same genetic stock that the ancient Lizard Kings planted on the three Gorn planets. An asteroid struck the planet, and out of the last of the surviving proto-Gorns rose the birdlike Paravians. The Paravians operated as raiders and never built colonies, and the Gorns drove them back to their homeworld and (accidentally) doomed them to extinction. But there were historical alternatives that almost happened. The Paravians could have planted colonies and eventually built a true space empire, allied to the Romulans against the Gorns and ISC. Or, some Paravians might have escaped to found a new homeworld and resume their lives as raiders.

55 new starships of every type and class
9 new fighters, 4 new bombers, 15 new gunboats
Complete rules for quantum wave torpedoes
140 die-cut counters
Five new scenarios

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