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The Paravians were extinct (at least, everybody thought so) long before the General War. Known as the "screaming space birds from hell" they were fanatical warriors who were near the Gorns and Romulans.

The Paravians were actually descended from a group of Gorns who had been deposited on a planet tens of thousands of years ago by the unknown Lizard Kings. When an asteroid destroyed that group of Gorns, a few of the surviving "dinosaurs" evolved into "birds". When the Paravians reached the state of early industrial development, fossils of their Gorn ancestors were thought to be ancient demons (much as dinosaur fossils on Earth sparked endless legends of dragons).

When the Paravians met Gorns from the primary Gorn homeworlds, they took them for enemy demons and waged a relentless, merciless, and ruthless war. The Gorns defeated the Paravians and drove them back to their homeworld, blockading them there. (The Paravians operated as independent raiders, not as an organized fleet, and avoided setting up colonies away from their single planet.) The Paravian star went nova (due to a sun snake) and destroyed the Paravian species. The Gorns felt deep guilt and shame.

The Carnivons are seen in SFB Module Y, SFB Module Y2, SFB Module Y3, and SFB Module C6.

Conjectural ships for what the Paravian Fleet might have looked like were in Captain's Log #28.

Some Paravians fled to the Omega Sector, but have yet to appear in an Omega product.

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