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Chapter 1: Why do you want to start a game company? (Revised 10 September 09)
Chapter 2: About your company. (Revised 13 December 06)
Chapter 3: The adventure game industry (Revised 14 December 06)
Chapter 4: Game production (Revised 15 December 06)
Chapter 5: Warehouse (Revised 15 December 06)
Chapter 6: MarketingR2 (Revised 07 May 10)
Chapter 7: Sales (Revised 15 December 06)
Chapter 8: Game Design (notes only) (Revised 15 December 06)
Chapter 9A: Industry glossary (Revised 13 June 06)
Chapter 9B: Sample Wholesaler Terms (Revised 26 May 06)
Chapter 9C: Sample Retailer Terms (Revised 26 May 06)
Chapter 9D: Sample Submission Release Letter (Future)
Chapter 9E: Sample Job Application (Future)
Chapter 9G: Sample Art Guidelines (Future)
Chapter 9H: The Go-To List (Future)
Chapter 9Z: The Nigeria Scam (Revised 1 June 06)

The Best Business Advice (Adobe Acrobat Required)

These PDF Chapters are copyright Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. They are available FREE to anyone as Steve Cole's contribution to the game industry which has employed him for 30 years. The only rule is please do not post them on your web site (or any other web site) just link to this web site. That way, the latest version will always be here. If lots of people put the copy they download today on their web site, they may not take the time to replace it every time Steve replaces a chapter. (He replaces chapters whenever he learns a lesson, hears a lesson or a good story, remembers a lesson or a good story, is asked a question that has not previously been asked, or just thinks of something that people should know.)

Steve Cole is not perfect and doesn't know everything. Somebody somewhere knows a better way to do things, and if they'll tell Steve, he will include it in a future update. Steve would like "his" book to be a resource for the entire industry, compiling the experiences and lessons learned of as many people as possible


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