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Federation Commander

FEDERATION COMMANDER is the exciting new full-color fast-playing game of starship combat. Including mounted map panels (using full color NASA photos, double-sided with hexes in two sizes), fullcolor laminated ship cards (each showing the operating components of a starship in color-coded boxes), full-color laminated charts, easy-entry rules, streamlined execution, and full-color playing pieces, FEDERATION COMMANDER is the space combat game YOU have been waiting for. You can begin flying a starship just minutes after opening the box.

While FEDERATION COMMANDER includes several products, all of them require one of the two Starter Sets. Click here to buy a Starter Set. Click here for detailed information on KLINGON BORDER. Click here for detailed information on ROMULAN BORDER. For the gamer on a budget, or one who is unsure of his interest in the game, consider Academy, a low-cost version of the game with fewer ships. This could later be upgraded to Klingon Border by adding the Graduation package.

graphThe game system is based on energy. You count how much energy your starship generates at the start of each turn, and pay for a “baseline speed”. The rest of your energy is spent during the turn to fire weapons, operate systems (tractor beams, transporters), to speed up, to slow down, or to reinforce your shields. During each of the eight impulses of each turn, ships move (up to four times at the highest speed) and you have the opportunity to fire weapons or operate systems.

Ships are presented in two scales; Fleet Scale is “half the size” of Squadron Scale and can be used to resolve larger battles in less time. A sample Fleet Scale ship card is shown to your right.

Click here for a free PDF download of FIRST MISSIONS, the introductory rules set.

You will never run out of new worlds to explore (and conquer or defend) because a series of expansions will provide new ships, new enemies, and new situations, but NOT complicated additional, expansion, or optional rules. Once you master the rulebook, there are no more rules to learn, just more ships to fly, more weapons to fire, and more worlds to explore.

Click here to acess the Player Resources.

Click here to join the Commander’s Circle and download the monthly Communique with new ships, scenarios, and tactics.

Click here to find out about the in-store Organized Play League.

Click here to learn about Booster Zero.

Click the links to learn about Klingon Attack, Romulan Attack, Tholian Attack, Battleships Attack, Booster Packs, Squadron Boxes, Border Boxes, Distant Kingdoms, Orion Attack, and Briefing product info pages.

Click here for a free PDF download of FIRST MISSIONS, the introductory rules set. (Acrobat Reader Required)


To Kill a Space Monster: This is an article prepared for Games Quarterly Magazine, which went out of business before publishing it. It helps explain the FC game system. (Acrobat Reader Required)

RETAILERS: Click here for information on why the Federation Commander product line is great for your store.

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