Federation Commander
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Run and Gun in a deep space dogfight!

Your ship is running at full power and the engines are set for half-impulse. Photons are pre-loaded with anti-matter and power is available for the phaser banks. Batteries are standing by to reinforce the shields.

There is the enemy! A crafty Klingon in a D7 Battlecruiser has charged across the border, ignoring your orders to stop or withdraw. He is going to do a fly-by at 80,000 kilometers and tactical intelligence says his disruptors are fully armed!

Swing your ship directly into his path. He will learn that going head-to-head with a photon-armed cruiser is not a good career move, and you're hardly going to give him a "drive by" shot at your ship and let him get out of range.

Fire photons! Fire Phasers! His shields are down, but your own shields held at least for now. The Klingon turns and heads back for the border, a string of insults sneering over subspace.

Congratulations, you're playing Federation Commander on the Klingon Border!

Commander's Circle is the free "club" for Federation Commanders. It includes many downloads including over two dozen issues of COMMUNIQUE, the monthly newsletter that includes new ships and scenarios.

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Comparisons with Star Fleet Battles are inevitable, but Federation Commander is a new game system, designed from the ground up to be fast-playing. It is far more than just "SFB Lite." It uses the best concepts from the best-selling space combat game of all time with Euro-Game production values and ease of play.

Key points include:


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