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Orion Attack

Pirates Attacking Convoy!
Is Star Fleet Ready?

Federation Commander: Orion Attack

Federation Commander: Orion Attack Stock #4106. To buy a copy now, click here.

New Game Value: Seven new pirate ships, four new police ships, commercial platform, planetary defense monitor, Q-ships, Defense Satellites.

This product requires Romulan Border or Klingon Border or Academy for use .

Components: Sixteen-page Ship & Scenario guide, 108 half-inch and 40 one-inch full-color die-cut playing pieces, sixteen full-color double-sided laminated ship cards, impulse cards, command cards, Master Weapons Chart.

Who will buy it? Veterans of Star Fleet Battles, players of Federation Commander: Klingon Border, fans of Star Trek, and fans of miniatures starship games.

Ship Cards in this Product:

Orion: 113-Battle Raider, 114-War Destroyer, 115-Battlecruiser, 116-Heavy Battlecruiser, 117-Double Raider, 118-Slaver, 119-Free Traitor.
120-Commercial Platform, 121-Large Q-ship, 122-Small Q-ship, 123-Defense Satellites.
124-Hydran Gendarme.
125-Lyran Military Police.
126-Gorn Frigate.
127-Romulan SeaHawk.

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