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The Brecon are four-armed, golden-skinned humanoids of average build with a typical height between seven and eight feet tall. Biologically, the Brecon are humanoid but not human. They evolved independently on their homeworld and were not "seeded" on it. They are similar enough biochemically to humans that they rate as "near human" on the Zorski scale, but their structural physiologies are quite different. They have a typical mammalian life cycle, and live 100-120 years with proper nutrition and medical care.

Anatomically modern Brecon first emerged about 200,000 years ago  following a similiar evolutionary path as humans. However, there were physical and cultural differences leading to a schism between the Grenpahl and the Sorel. This led to escalating conflicts.

The conflicts came to a head in -Y217 when a world war broke out between the Grenpahk and Sorel. This included widespread use of chemical weapons, limited use of biological warfare, and, in the last year, deployment of the first primitive atomic-fission weapons. The war lasted nearly twenty years, resulting in millions of deaths, massive economic and social dislocation, and significant environmental degradation.

The war finally ground to a halt due to mutual economic exhaustion, although scientists on both sides were racing to develop thermonuclear-fusion bombs as a final "war-winning" weapon.

Fortunately for the Brecon, this crisis was resolved by the Jyrahk Accord. This agreement stated that, to ensure ethnic differences would never again cause them to go to war, both ethnicities would have equal standing and representation in all endeavors.


Status: Homeworld of the Brecons, a minor planet.
Location: Coordinates 3214, Federation. Diameter: 7,739 miles.
Class: M.
Surface Gravity: 0.98G.
Mean Surface Temperature: 79°F.
Population: 7 billion.  



Following ratification of the Accord in -Y178, the Brecon focused on rebuilding and developing peaceful technology. They began space exploration with chemical rockets in -Y57. Eventually they established permanent installations on their two moons, and then launched a series of signal beacons and sublight space probes, hoping to contact other species, beginning in Y78. The Federation Cruiser Farragut arrived in the system in Y148, a mere three weeks before the signals would have ceased forever due to cost and apparent failure of the concept and made contact. The Brecon quickly applied and were accepted as probationary members of the Federation in Y152, became prospective members in Y157, and became associate members in Y161.

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