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Contact Us

We welcome contacts, questions, suggestions, and comments from our customers (both current and future). If you see something we can improve, suggest how to improve it. If you don't understand something, ask us to explain it.

Mailing address (also good for post office shipments):
Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc.,
PO Box 8759,
Amarillo TX 79114

Physical address (for UPS or if you want to drop by and visit):
Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc.,
1504 West 10th Ave
Amarillo TX 79101

Telephone: 806-351-1950


For orders, checking on orders, or product availability:

For questions on background or product line:

For questions on the rules of our games:

For questions about Prime Directive:

Marketing Director:

Customer Support, convention support: support@StarFleetGames.Com

All other inquiries:

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