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Communique Internal Index
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Communique Index

     Communique #1: Rules updates, Scenario 8H
Base Assault, Tholian War Cruiser (both scales).
     Communique #2: Rules updates, Tactics,
Example of Play, Scenario 8J Sabotage, New ship
card for Kzinti War Destroyer (both scales), Alternative
move cost version of Klingon E4 (an idea that players
     Communique #3: Basic Tactics by Steve
Petrick, Scenario 8ZC3 The Mighty Hood Goes Down,
Revised ship cards for Klingon C7 (both scales), new
ship cards for Federation Destroyer (both scales),
Federation Frigate 3/8 move cost test ship card (an
idea players rejected), Organized Play League.
     Communique #4: Romulan King Eagle (fleet
scale) and Gorn Battlecruiser (fleet scale).
     Communique #5: Rules Updates, Scenario 8C3
The Battle of Juggernaut Alpha, tactics, revised ship
card for Federation Destroyer, new fleet scale ship
cards for Romulan SparrowHawk and Gorn Battle
     Communique #6: Scenario 8C1 The First Battle
of Juggernaut Beta, revised fleet scale ship card for
Romulan King Eagle, new ship card (both scales) for
Klingon F5W, larger size squadron scale ship card for
Federation DNG Dreadnought.
     Communique #7: Plasma-D rules, Scenario
8CM1 Refiner’s Fire, revised squadron scale Klingon
D7 ship card, new ship card (both scales) for Gorn
Escort Light Cruiser, larger size squadron scale ship
card for Klingon C8 Dreadnought.
     Communique #8: Scenario 8CM2 The Coming
of the Meteor, revised squadron scale ship card for
Federation Battlecruiser, new ship card for the original
Franz Joseph Dreadnought design (in both scales),
larger size squadron scale ship card for Kzinti Dread-
     Communique #9: Scenario 8CM3 Cruise
Drones, The Near Destruction of Mobile Base X-Ray
(fiction), Rule 6B asteroids, revised card for Kzinti BC,
new card for squadron scale Romulan K7R, larger size
squadron scale ship cards for Klingon C7 and Klingon
     Communique #10: Scenario 8CM4 End Run,
Questions & Answers, Notes & Clarifications, Robot
Rules for Federation Commander, revised squadron
scale ship card for Federation Frigate, new ship card
(both scales) for Orion Battle Raider, larger size
squadron scale ship card for Klingon F5.
     Communique #11: Romulan Vulture Dread-
nought, large-size squadron scale ship card for Gorn
Dreadnought, Scenario Last Stand, revised squadron -
scale ship card for Federation CA.
     Communique #12: Revised Kzinti NCC ship
cards, Romulan K7R squadron card, Santa’s Sleigh
sqdn card, Scenario (8CM6) Passing Engagement.

Communique Index

     Communique #13: Intruder scenario (a separate
game), Federation CA for the “Intruder” scenario, new
Ship Cards for plasma-armed battle stations, larger
version of battle station, Q&A, new fleet scale battle
station, updated Ship Card for Klingon D5W.
     Communique #14: Stasis Box scenario, Klingon
D7 for “Intruder” scenario, new Klingon D5D drone-
armed war cruiser, larger size version of Federation
DNF plasma-armed dreadnought, updated Ship Cards
for the Tholian patrol corvette, Q&A, 2006 Index.
     Communique #15: Cruise Drones scenario, ISC
cruiser for “Intruder” scenario, new ISC destroyer (in
both scales), larger-size version of Federation
battlecruiser, updated Ship Cards for ISC heavy
cruiser (including revised plasma tracks for fleet
scale), Q&A for the ISC rules.
     Communique #16: Scenario 8TA12 Seltorian
Assault on Tholian Base Station Three, Lyran Tiger
heavy cruiser for “Intruder” scenario, new Lyran
Hellcat heavy battlecruiser, revised Lyran Tiger heavy
cruiser, larger size Klingon C7, Q&A for Lyran ESG.
     Communique #17: Scenario 8TA13 Seltorian
Assault on Tholian Base Station Four, Hydran Ranger
heavy cruiser (both scales), revised Hydran Dragoon
(both scales), Hydran Dragoon for “Intruder” scenario,
Kzinti heavy battlecruiser (larger size), updates for
Hydran rules, updates for many other rules.
     Communique #18: Scenario 8TA14 Battle of the
Hook, Klingon D6M and Falcon maulers (with rules
and squadron scale ship cards), revised Federation
light cruiser, larger size Gorn heavy battlecruiser, Gorn
battlecruiser for the “Intruder” scenario.
     Communique #19: Klingon E7 cruiser, revised
Klingon F5 frigate, larger size Romulan NovaHawk,
Romulan FireHawk for the “Intruder” scenario, and
Scenario 8CM10 The Pirates Find an Ally.
     Communique #20: Klingon E5 corvette, revised
Orion raider, Tholian heavy cruiser for the “Intruder
scenario”, large-size Gorn medium cruiser, Scenario
8CM11 The Conventia Affair.
     Communique #21: Romulan SeaHawk, revised
Klingon D6, larger Federation light dreadnought, Kzinti
battlecruiser for the “Intruder” scenario, Scenario
8CM12 The Pirates Have Gone Too Far.
     Communique #22: Gorn frigate, revised Kzinti
frigate, larger Federation photon heavy battlecruiser,
Mobile Base for the “Intruder” scenario, Scenario
8CM13 Asteroid Operations.
     Communique #23: Klingon F6, revised Fed
FFG, large Gorn DNL, Scenario 8CM14 Internal
Disorder, and an Orion BR for the “Intruder” scenario.
     Communique #24: Defense Satellite Ship Cards
and Rules, revised Romulan Battle Hawk, WYN CA for
Intruder Scenario, larger-size Romulan Shrike

Communique Index

     Communique #25: Romulan SparrowHawk alter-
nate plasma arc Fleet Scale Ship Card; larger version of
the Seltorian dreadnought Ship Card; revised Gorn heavy
destroyer Ship Card; Klingon D7D Ship Card, Scenario
8CM15 The Battle of Hasbron.
     Communique #26: Gorn heavy destroyer alter-
nate plasma arc Fleet Scale Ship Card, larger version of
the Federation plasma-armed battlecruiser Ship Card,
revised Kzinti frigate Ship Card; Scenario 8CM16 Plas-
mas Vs. Drones; B10 boom section Ship Card.
     Communique #27: Federation light tactical trans-
port special Fleet Scale Ship Card; Scenario 8CM17
Diplomatic Immunity; new Tholian TK5 Ship Card; re-
vised Romulan KR Ship Card; larger size Federation
DNH heavy dreadnought Ship Card.
     Communique #28: Federation scout (Franz Jo-
seph design) Special Ship Card, Lyran Jaguar war cruiser
and Cheetah frigate Ship Cards, Hydran Mongol Ship
Card, scout (special sensor) rules, special FCDK test
Scenario 8DK99 Let’s Get to the Bottom of This.
     Communique #29: Federation galactic survey
cruiser, Hydran Tartar medium cruiser, revised small
freighter, Romulan K9R dreadnought, Scenario 8CM18
Supply Voyage.
     Communique #30: Lyran Bengal Tiger command
cruiser, revised battlestation and Planet Killer, WYN
Shark heavy cruiser, larger Neo-Tholian dreadnought,
and Scenario 8CM19 The Chase.
     Communique #31: New Hydran Lancer destroyer,
special Fleet Scale Planet Killer, revised Federation NCA,
larger Hydran Paladin dreadnought, and Scenario
8CM20 Pirates ... Interrupted!
     Communique #32: New armed freighters, Klin-
gon D5S for Borders of Madness, larger size Lyran dread-
nought, revised Federation war destroyer, Scenario
8CM21 Klinks in the Wire!, rules updates.
     Communique #33: Lyran Saber-Tooth mauler for
Borders of Madness, larger size Tholian dreadnought,
revised Gorn destroyer, Fleet Scale Klingon SD7 strike
cruiser, Scenario 8CM22 North Wind, rules updates.
     Communique #34: Romulan SparrowHawk-J,
modified scenarios for the Klingon-Hydran War, large size
Orion dreadnought, revised mobile base, Scenario
8CM24 Stinger’s Nest, and a Master Weapons Chart.
     Communique #35: Vudar DW, CA, and rules.
Revised Space Dragon. 8CM25 Seawall Scenario.
     Communique #36: Gorn Heavy DN, revised Fed-
eration NCL, Romulan LTT, Kzinti POL, Scenario 8CM23
Pickett’s Charge.


Communique Index

     Communique #37: Scenario 8CM26 A Plague on Their Houses. Romulan War Eagle, ISC Frigate, Federation DDM, Lyran Hellcat BCH.
     Communique #38: Scenario 8CM27 First and Future
Shock. Revised Federation NCL. New ISC CC and Federation Tug. Larger Orion BCH.
     Communique #39: Scenario 8CM28 What Price Victory? Revised Armed Cutter (#45), new Klingon G2, special Kzinti CVS, and larger Hydran Overlord.
     Communique #40: New Orion Medium Raider, RevisedLarge Freighter, large format Neo-Tholian Heavy Dreadnought, Romulan SparrowHawk-C Scout, Nebula rules, Pulsar rules.
     Communique #41: Ships for the Middle Years (Kzinti
DN, Fed CA, Klingon D7, Romulan WE), Scenario 8CM29 The Greening of Lot 49. Rules updates.
     Communique #42: Ships for the Middle Years (Hydran
Ranger, Lyran Tiger, Gorn Allosaurus), large format Orion Heavy Battlecruiser, Scenario 8CM30 The Dakota Incident. Rules update.
     Communique #43: Ships from Briefing #2 usable in any years (Federation Hospital Ship, Light Monitor), Revised WYN War Cruiser, Large Format Hydran Regent Light Dreadnought. Scenario 8CM31 The Navajo Incident.
     Communique #44: Revised Seltorian CA, new Klingon Tug, early years Hydran CC, large format Lyran DNL, Scenario 8CM32 Rescue the Supply Tug.
     Communique #45: Revised WYN DW, new Romulan
KD5R, Klingon D7E Survey Ship, large format Hydran DNL,
Scenario 8CM33 A Matter of Jurisdiction.
     Communique #46: Revised Seltorian Destroyer, new Kzinti Drone Frigate, Klingon D5G Commando Ship, large format Federation BCP, Scenario 8CM34 Groundfire.
     Communique #47: Revised WYN Auxiliary Cruiser, newLyran and Hydran War Cruiser Scouts, large format Klingon C10 Heavy Dreadnought, Scenario 8CM35 Battle Without Hope.
     Communique #48: Revised Federation Battle Frigate,
large format Romulan Heavy Condor, new Frax Heavy
Battlecruiser, Hydran Commando Cruiser, Scenario 8CM36 Legacy of the Ancients

Communique Index

     Communique #49: Scenario 8CM37 A Hard Day’s Fight. New Frax drone war destroyer and Gorn heavy destroyer scout. Larger format Seltorian heavy battlecruiser. Revised Gorn light
cruiser. Bonus Klingon C8 Fleet Scale.
     Communique #50: Scenario 8CM38 The Flawed Trap, New Federation fast destroyer, Borders of Madness Frax CWS, large format Kzinti DNH, revised Kzinti FFK. Bonus Federation CA Fleet Scale.
     Communique #51: Scenario 8CM39 Escape from
Astracaz, New plasma & drone play aid, Revised Romulan Firehawk, new Frax command cruiser, large format Lyran Heavy Dreadnought. Bonus: Romulan King Eagle Squadron Scale.
     Communique #52: Scenario 8CM40 The Ophiunia Raid, New Federation heavy war destroyer, Revised Romulan Snipe, Large format Klingon C5 light dreadnought, Frax war cruiser escort. Bonus: Gorn battle destroyer squadron scale.
     Communique #53: Scenario 8CM41 Pirate Hunt, new Kzinti destroyer, revised Federation police cutter, Frax fast cruiser, large format Kzinti DNL, Squadron Scale Klingon SD7 Strike Cruiser.
     Communique #54: Scenario 8CM42 Sucker Punch,
Federation DWD, Tholian CA, Frax DWG, Seltorian DNL,
Squadron Scale Gorn BC.
     Communique #55: Scenario 8CM43 A Game of Snakes and Lizards, Andromedan Satellite Base, Armed Cutter, Armed Priority Transport, Frax War Cruiser Escort, Tholian Dreadnought, Fleet Scale Kzinti Battlecruiser.
     Communique #56: Scenario 8CM44 The Trojan Shuttle, Gorn Destroyer-Battlecruiser, Frax War Cruiser Leader, Free Trader/Prime Trader, Ore Carrier, Large Armed Freighter.
     Communique #57: Scenario 8CM45 The Science of War, Federation HDW-Photon, Klingon D5, Federation Middle Years Scout, Romulan Vulture, Federation Fleet Scale DNG.
     Communique #58: Scenario 8CM46 Target of Opportu- nity, Andromedan Viper, Klingon E4, Frax FFE, Fed DNG LT, Gorn DN (Fleet Scale, Low Toner).
     Communique #59: Scenario 8CM47 Decapitation, Vudar CWF, Kzinti CM, Frax LTT, Fed BCG-LT, Kzinti DN FS LT.
     Communique #60: Scenario 8CM48 The Hydrans Meet Santa Claus, Kzinti Medium Commando Cruiser, Federation Strike Cruiser, Frax Commando War Cruiser, Federation BCJ, Fleet Scale Romulan Condor.

Communique Index

     Communique #61: Scenario 8CM49 Shifting Sands, new Large Troop Transport, revised Base Station, Omega Sector Trobrin Frigate, large format Federation BCF, Fleet Scale Small Armed Freighter.
     Communique #62: Scenario 8CM50 The Blockade of
Gamma Episilon III; low-toner large-format Romulan K9R, revised Gorn Strike Cruiser, new Small Troop Transport, special update for Reference Rulebook Revision 6.
     Communique #63: Scenario 8CM51 Mis-Match, new
Gorn BDL, revised Kzinti Light Cruiser, new Prime Corvette, large-format low-toner Kzinti BCH
     Communique #64: Scenario 8CM52 Zombie Apoca-
lypse, requested new Klingon F5L, new Klingon D7Z, revised Kzinti NCA, large-format low-toner Kzinti BCH.
     Communique #65: Scenario 8CM53 Not So Fast, new
Andromedan Galleon, voted Hydran Lord Admiral CCH, re-
vised Orion Light Raider, large-format low-toner Fed DNF.
     Communique #66: Revised ship card Orion Salvage
Cruiser, large-format low-toner Gorn BCH, new Fast Naval
     Communique #67: Revised Tholian web tender, new
Romulan KD5WR, new Klingon D6J, low-toner Klingon C8, Scenario 8CM54 Mercy Mission.
     Communique #68: New Romulan RegalHawk, revised Juggernaut, large format Ore Carrier, new Small Aux Cruiser, Scenario 8CM55 Battle of the Rift.
     Communique #69: Scenario 8CM56 Throne’s Gambit (a scenario from the Omega Octant), Four Omega playtest ships, revised Space Amoeba, large-format low-toner Federation DNH.
     Communique #70: Scenario 8CM57 All for One, or None for All, revised Romulan KF5R Destroyer, large-format low-toner Gorn dreadnought, new Large Auxiliary Cruiser (General War version), new Andromedan Recon Cobra (a player request).
     Communique #71: Scenario 8CM58 Finishing Run, revised Neo-Tholian Heavy Cruiser, large-format low-toner Hydran Overlord, new Federation Heavy Command Cruiser (to match the Mongoose special 2500-series miniature), new Federation Plasma-Armed Frigate.
     Communique #72: Scenario 8CM59 Free the Space
Boars!, new Tholian DDS scout, new ISC Battle Transport,
Revised Tholian Police Cutter, large format low-toner Seltorian dreadnought.

Communique Index

     Communique #73: Scenario 8CM60 Chasing Q, revised Jumbo Freighter, large format Neo-Tholian dreadnought, new Andromedan energy modules, new Klingon D5E escort war cruiser, ship list for Reinforcements Atack.
     Communique #74: Scenario 8CM61 Relic, revised Fed old CA, new Kzinti MEC escort cruiser, new Fed DNW war dreadnought, large Hydran Paladin.
     Communique #75: Scenario 8CM62 The Battle of
Mithralis, revised Klingon D5 war cruiser, large format Lyran Lion dreadnought, new Hydran Cheyenne cruiser, new Juggernaut Empire destroyer.
     Communique #76: Scenario 8CM63 Miner Smuggling, new ISC battle tug, new Tholian CWE escort cruiser, revised Romulan SeaHawk, large format ISC dreadnought.
     Communique #77: Scenario 8CM64 Hennigan’s Folly,revised Kzinti transport tug, large format Vudar dreadnought, new Klingon F5S scout, new ISC blockade runner.
     Communique #78: Scenario 8CM65 Pimp My Ride, revised Gorn frigate, large format Seltorian light battleship, new Klingon F5WC destroyer leader, new seeker & striker skiffs.
     Communique #79: Scenario 8CM66 The Mothball Mutiny, revised Neo-Tholian destroyer, large format Death Probe, new Klingon D7W heavy command cruiser, and new Federation heavy war destroyer escort.
     Communique #80: Scenario 8CM67 Operation Eagle
Assault, revised Orion Pirate Battle Raider, large format planetary defense monitor, new Seltorian light cruiser scout, and new Federation escort light cruiser.
     Communique #81: Scenario 8CM68 Asteroid Station
Zebra, revised Hydran Knight DD, new ships (ISC destroyer scout, Frax war destroyer scout, Klingon F6E battle escort).
     Communique #82: Scenario 8CM69 The Battle of
Vanda, revised Andromedan Cobra, New Lyran CV and DWE, large format Klingon BT7.
     Communique #83: Scenario 8CM70 Raider’s Ball, revised Lyran DD, New Tholian DE, Andromedan Eel, large format Romulan RegalHawk.
     Communique #84: Scenario 8CM71 Santa and the
Monster, revised ISC CL, New Vudar DWL, New Hydran DWE, large format Klingon frigate squadron.

Communique Index

     Communique #85: First in the new format. Scenario 8CM72 The Hunting of the Snark. New Frax DWE.
     Communique #86:Scenario 8CM73 Training Days. New Romulan KF5RL (K5L).
     Communique #87: Scenario 8CM74 Invincibility in the Defense; Victory in the Attack. New ISC DDE.
     Communique #88: Scenario 8CM75 You Spy. New Kzinti war destroyer escort.
     Communique #89: Scenario 8CM76 The Hun in the Sun. New Kzinti war destroyer leader.
     Communique #90: Scenario 8CM77 Maintenance Duty, Klingon F5E escort frigate.
     Communique #91: Scenario 8CM78 Holdfast Harassment, Romulan SKE destroyer escort.
     Communique #92: Scenario 8CM79 Emergency Base Removal, Gorn battle destroyer escort.
     Communique #93: Scenario 8CM80 Grudge or Gain, Seltorian destroyer escort.
     Communique #94: Scenario 8CM81 The Pride of Frallia, Fralli cruiser.
     Communique #95: Scenario 8CM82 Holding Out For a Hero, Klingon C9 dreadnought.
     Communique #96: Scenario 8CM83 How the Klingons Stole the Christmas Trees, Christmas Tree Cruiser (in color, just for Christmas).

Communique Index

     Communique #97: Scenario 8CM84 Cold Front; Federation New Commando Transport.
     Communique #98: Romulan commando SkyHawk, Scenario 8CM85 Scout Report.
     Communique #99: Gorn commando ship, Scenario 8CM86 Brawl in a Backwater.
     Communique #100: Tholian commando PC, Scenario 8CM87Vultures.
     Communique #101: Orion commando SLV, Scenario 8CM88 Cavalry Charge.
     Communique #102: Andromedan Diamondback commando cruiser and King Snake cargo ship, Scenario 8CM89 Of Things Yet to Come.
     Communique #103: Lyran commando war cruiser, Scenario 8CM90 The Alliance Hijack.
     Communique #104: Communique #104: WYN commando war destroyer, Scenario 8CM91 Rescue.Special bonus: Kzinti commando frigate.
     Communique #105: Seltorian commandodestroyer, Scenario 8CM92 The Element of Surprise.
     Communique #106: ISC commando cruiser, Scenario 8CM93 Defending theTreasure.
     Communique #107: Vudar commando war destroyer,Scenario 8CM94 Rescue of the Maria Celeste.
     Communique #108: North Polarlight cruiser and commando cruiser, Scenario 8CM95 How the ElvesRebuilt Christmas.

Communique Index

     Communique #109: Federaton DN+, Scenario 8CM96 Chasing Q.
     Communique #110: KlingonD6D, Scenario 8CM97 Fox in the Henhouse.
     Communique #111: RomulanQueen Eagle, Scenario 8CM98 Bonfire of the Peladine.
     Communique #112: Kzinti DWD, Scenario 8CM99 GhostShip.
     Communique #113: Gorn DDO, Scenario 8CM100 Crockett and the Snipe.
     Communique #114: Tholian BW,Scenario 8CM101 Holdfast Harassment.
     Communique #115: Hydran Scythian, Scenario 8CM102 Surprize Package
     Communique #116: Orion Mobile Carrier, Scenario 8CM103 Maintaining Momentum.
     Communique #117: Vudar Mobile Carrier, Scenario 8CM104 Snakes and Crossbones.
     Communique #118: Lyran Mobile Carrier, Scenario 8CM105 Shuffling the Deck.
     Communique #119: WYN Auxiliary Carrier, Scenario 8CM106 Drone of the Tribbles
     Communique #120: Christmas Wreath Battle Station, Scenario 8CM107 The Klingons Toss the Wreath.

Communique Index

     Communique #121: Seltorian DDV, Scenario 8CM108 Save the Atlantean Doria.  
     Communique #122: Valentian CL, Scenario 8CM109 Big Things, Small Packages.
     Communique #123: ISC Mobile Carrier, Scenario 8CM110 Snakes And Crossbones. 
     Communique #124: Federation Mobile Carrier, Scenario 8CM111 Assault on the Invincible.
     Communique #125: Klingon Mobile Carrier, Scenario 8CM112 Dance of the Damned.
     Communique #126: Romulan SkyHawk-B Mobile Carrier, Scenario 8CM113 Raider's Ball.
     Communique #127: Kzinti Mobile Carrier, Scenario 8CM114 Clash of the Giants
     Communique #128: Gorn Mobile Carrier, Scenario 8CM115 Betrayal, prototype fighter rules.
     Communique #128: Paravian Mobile Carrier, Paravian DWE, Scenario 8CM116 Race to Doomsday.
     Communique #130: Carnivon Mobile Carrier, Carnivon DW Escort, Scenario 8CM117 First Arrest.
     Communique #131: Klingon D6K, Scenario 8CM118 Betrayal at Oxvind V.
     Communique #132: North Polar Star Cruiser, Scenario 8CM119 Star Over Frallia.

Communique Index

     Communique #133: Scenario 8CM120 The Battle of the Agincourt; Federation CAD heavy drone cruiser.
     Communique #134: Scenario 8CM121, civilian large skiff.
     Communique #135: Scenario 8CM122, Klingon F5G commando frigate.
     Communique #136: Scenario 8CM123 Bunny Hop, Easter Bunny Cruiser, Federation commando frigate.
     Communique #137: Scenario(8CM124) Early Infestation, ANDROMEDAN EXPLOITER
     Communique #138: Scenario (8CM125) a tangled web, ANDROMEDAN MISSIONARY TRANSPORT
     Communique #139: Scenario (8CM126) EXCUUUUSE ME!, UTILITY SHIP.
     Communique #142: Scenario (8CM129) RENDEZVOUS, GORN ESCORT BATTLECRUISER
     Communique #143: Scenario (8CM130) The Grown-ups are here now, ISC TORPEDO DREADNOUGHT

Communique Index

     Communique #149: Scenario (8CM136) THE END OF AN ERA; THE START OF AN ERA, THOLIAN X-DESTROYER
     Communique #151: Scenario (8CM138) OUTRIDER IN THE SKY, HYDRAN OUTRIDER SURVEY SHIP
     Communique #152: Scenario (8CM139) RAID ON A LONELY PLANET, GORN BATTLE FRIGATE
     Communique #154: Scenario(8CM141) CAT ON A HOT TIN ASTEROID, KZINTI HEAVY FRIGATE
     Communique #156: Scenario (8CM143) SNOWFALL, NORTH POLAR SNOW CRUISER

Communique Index

     Communique #157: Scenario (8CM144) Fool Me Twice, ROMULAN OMNIHAWK-V DREADNOUGHT

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