October 2013

Star Fleet Universe News

     THE BIG NEWS this month is that SFB Module C6: Lost Empires has shipped to wholesalers and mail orders. This exciting product, easily the most complete SFB module ever released, includes the Carnivon and Paravian Empires as they would have existed in the time of the General War if not for that extinction thing.
     Each is presented with over 60 SSDs and complete ship descriptions, rules for new weapons, and scenarios.

WEBSITE: Our website, www.StarFleetGames.com, continues to grow and improve. You are welcome to send us your requests, comments, and suggestions. Simone Pike, our graphics director, continues to update the website, do covers for the new products, shut down pirate websites, help out around the company, and learn more about the game business. One of our newest pages is for Starline 2500 where we display photos and 3d renders of the new starships.

FACEBOOK: Jean continues to improve our page on Facebook, adding many new photos and other features.
If you haven't seen the 1,000+ pieces of art in the albums, you should drop by and visit. You don't have to be a member of Facebook to see our page, but if you are, please become our friend so you can get information in your newsfeed.

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VIDEOS: StarFleetGames has taken its act to YouTube and we now have a YouTube channel. Our goal is to create a video for the new product releases during each month. We have "In the Box" videos to show you what you will see when you unpack your new game. We have also done "Spotlights" on a single product or product line. So pull up a chair and join us at the movies! Our newest uploads are:

Star Fleet Marines Part 1
Star Fleet Marines Part 2
ADB Late May 2011
Starline 2500 Miniatures Review

STARBLOG: Our StarBlog has moved to a new URL and all links on StarFleetGames.com websites have been changed to match. The new site is
The blog covers all aspects of the company.

RANGERS: The Rangers are up, fully operational, and doing demos! There are currently 48 Rangers listed in our database with 30 of them having advanced past Ranger Recruit, meaning they've held at least one demo.

Star Fleet Rangers are our front-line recruiters in introducing new people to our games. They are hard working, tireless promoters of the SFU. They go to conventions, stores, game clubs, and other public venues to show our games and to teach potential players some basics.

Why should you be a Ranger? Well, one of the reasons is purely selfish -- you teach people to play your favorite games and "grow your own" opponents. With enough interested people you can form a battle group and even get in on playtesting if you want. You get your name in Captain's Log and awards on your plaque on the Wall of Honor. You even get Star Fleet Bucks which will help you with purchases from our storefront. Still, being able to play games face-to-face has to be one of the best reasons to do it.

So visit our Ranger page here: http://www.starfleetgames.com/rangers/index.shtml

Register and join the the Star Fleet Rangers!
Ambassador Badge
Jean Sexton has succeeded in recruiting two ambassadors (Michael C. Baker and A. David Merritt) to carrythe word of the Star Fleet Universe to other websites. They (and Jean) were awarded the first ever "Star Fleet Ambassador Badges" as well as appropriate medals for their service to date. These ambassadors do not just repeat press releases; they answer questions, encourage discussion, and help people find the relevant documents on our website. Contact Jean Sexton if you want to volunteer for ambassador duty.

Take a journey with us to an ancient age, just one step up from carving game rules on clay tablets. The year 1973 was at the very dawn of the independent wargame publishing companies. Typesetting was done with a manual typewriter, print-on-demand meant the photocopier at the library, counters were printed on paper (and drawn by hand), page layout was done with scissors and cellophane tape, and two guys in a garage could turn out a wargame magazine that won two Origins Awards. The point was creativity, new ideas, and imagination. Production values would have to come later.

That magazine was JagdPanther (Hunting Panther), created and run by the same Stephen V. Cole who later co-founded Task Force Games and then went on to found Amarillo Design Bureau. We found the ancient archives of this game company (which ran from 1973-1976, producing 15 magazines, about 50 games, hundreds of variants, and dozens of game reviews) and are now placing them on e23 so they are available to collectors. (Old issues have been selling on Ebay for over $100 each.) Issue #1, Issue #2, Issue #3, Issue #4, Issue #5 and, Issue #6 are already there and further issues are being prepared for upload.

Custom Decals for Starline ships

Tenneshington Decals is proud to now offer three new decals sets, made to fit the Starline 2500 Federation BB battleship, CB heavy command cruiser, and DNL light raiding dreadnought miniatures.

Tenneshington Decals also continues to provide custom decals for all currently produced Federation Starline 2500 miniatures, as well as special sets encompassing the contents of the Federation Fleet Box and Federation Squadron Boxes 1 and 7. Decals for each of these ships are available as individual sheets along with special sheets to detail any ship with additional window blocks, sensors, hatches, and even phaser scars.

As with all their products, the names on the ships are up to the customer and all sheets are custom-printed to order.

In addition, Tenneshington Decals continues to develop decals sheets for other empires in the Starline 2500 line and the Starline 2400 miniatures.

For more information or to download the order sheet, check us out at www.tenneshington.com. Or if you prefer, email Will McCammon at: will@tenneshington.com or Tony L. Thomas at: scoutdad@tenneshington.com.


     Rated Ace Tournament 41 is underway. All of the semifinal games are set and should be exciting matches. Andrew Koch is the judge.

     Rated Ace Tournament 40 is nearly done. The final round is between Paul Scott and Bill Schoeller. Andrew Koch is the  judge.

    The FCOL Tournament will be starting this fall. We expect that Jim Dauphinais will again organize this and be the judge.

     NetKill Patrol third quarter ended with Brendan Lally repeating his win of last quarter. Josh Driscol came in second. The fourth quarter is just starting -- get in on the action on SFBOL. Richard Schirmer maintains the statistics that make this tournament possible.

     The Platinum Hat 2013 International Online SFB Tournament is in full swing. Five of the eight second-round games are complete. Paul Scott is the judge.

       GURPS Prime Directive campaign is in motion on the Federation Commander Forum. Check out the Donjebruche Campaign here: http://www.starfleetgames.com/federation/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=3193 The GM is Jeff Johnson.

       The Masters 2013 Tournament has started. Six players have advanced to Round 2. The judge is Andrew Koch.


Star Fleet Battles is the name of the game at the annual convention for Council of Five Nations in Schenectady, New York.  The con starts at 9 am on October 11 and runs through October 13. Join them for the largest face-to-face SFB tournament in the world. Ken Kazinski is in charge of this tournament.

CharCon will be held in Charleston, West Virginia on October 18-20. Both Star Fleet Battles and Federation Commander will be demoed by Larry Hayes, the Ranger in charge. For more information, see: http://www.charcon.org/

On October 18-20, Eric Cote will be running demos of Star Fleet Battle Force at Necronomicon in Tampa, Florida. For more information, see: http://www.stonehill.org/necmain.htm

On October 26, Federation Commander will be demoed at Fair Game at 5147 Main Street, Downers Grove, Illinois 60515. Ken Krajniak will be the Ranger in charge from 1 pm-6 pm.

Federation Commander
, Star Fleet Battle Force, and A Call to Arms Star Fleet will be demoed at Gamehole Con in Madison, Wisconsin, November 1-3. Dal Downing is the Ranger in charge. For more information, see: http://www.gameholecon.com/

There will be a Federation Commander tournament at the Honor Harrington Convention November 1-3, 2013 in Greenville, South Carolina. Patrick Doyle will be running the tournament.

ACTASF will be demoed and games will be played at Fall-In in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on November 16, 2013. Bill Stec, part of the Mongoose Infantry, will be in charge of these events.

Federation Commander will be demoed at Game On! Game Con in Avon Indiana on November 16, 2013 Sean Johnson will be running the demos from 11 am- 2 pm. The address is: 6850 E US Highway 36, Avon, Indiana 46123.

Games and demos are being run in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. OKC WarS has games of ACTASF run by James Kerr. You can find them at  Hampton Inn Midwest City, 1833 Center Dr., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73110-2810 http://www.okcwars.com/forum or contact them through email:  okcwars@okcwars.com

Games and demos are being run in Spokane, Washington. They meet every Thursday (may move to Friday) at 2:00 pm and play till 9:00 pm, games  open to start every time. You can find them at The Gamers Haven, 2114 N.  Pines St., Suites 1 & 2, Spokane Valley, WA 99206, (509) 443-5992 http://www.thegamershaven.net/gamers_haven.php

Games and demos are being run in Jacksonville, Florida. They start at 6:00pm and play till 11:00 pm, There will always be ACTASF games open to play or you can learn ACTASF every Friday. Contact Ray at Suncoast Comics, 5509 Roosevelt Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida 32244  904.771.2776 service@suncoastcomics.com

Do you want to run demos  and promote SFU games? Consider becoming a Ranger! You have the advantage of "growing your own" opponents and of making new friends. Read more about it here: http://www.starfleetgames.com/rangers/index.shtml

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COMMUNIQUE: The latest Communique brings you more Ship Cards, scenarios, and more news from the Star Fleet Universe! It can be downloaded from the Commander's Circle.

COMMANDER'S CIRCLE: We continue to improve the Commander's Circle. All of the ships and scenarios are available as separate documents (the ships are organized by empire) so you can quickly see what is available. The FC Scenario Database and Master Ship Chart documents are also here. Our newest project was suggested by our players and is uploading low-toner Ship Cards. The Commander's Circle is the best place to find free additions to Federation Commander!

FC Forum Recent Posts

The Federation Commander site and Forum continue to grow as more gamers continue to find them. All of our games currently have topics in the Forum. If you have any comments, questions, or requests for our Graphics Director, this is the place to let her know. Come see what the commotion is about and join the Federation Commander Forum now.

We are very pleased to see the medals, honor bars, and ribbons awarded to players being incorporated into their signatures. It is exciting to see lots of interesting conversations about a wide variety of subjects. Get in on the activity!

While for new players the Federation Commander Forum is a little easier to manage, the original (Discus-based) BBS is where most product development takes place. If you have a proposal you'd like to see worked on, don't forget to make sure it is mentioned here. It also has active F&E and SFB forums where players run campaigns, Rated Ace tournaments and other SFB tournaments are organized (most FC tournaments are organized on the Forum), SVC's "My Day" appears, along with current news and strategies dealing with Prime Directive, and each issue of Captain's Log is created. While less colorful (no avatars or sigs), it is a vital part of ADB, Inc.'s communications.

F&E Strategy of the Month

         The Expanded Carrier Group (CVEG) under (318.43) is pretty hard to implement effectively given the limit of three attrition squadrons allowed in a battle force under (302.334). However, the Kzintis can use this much more effectively than their neighbors. How? By combining the BCS with a CVE to form the CVEG. The half squadron of fighters on each ship makes a full squadron of fighters, plus the full flotilla of PFs counts as the second of the three allowed attrition squadrons. The third squadron is added by another carrier group of the Kzinti player's choice.
         What makes this a viable option is the CVE itself. The CVE is a 6(3)/3(1.5) unit built on the light cruiser hull as compared to the CVEs of their neighbors, which are built on destroyer or frigate hulls and do not have the same high combat potential.
         To really make the force effective the Kzintis will want to use their best escorts to increase the density of the CVEG as they do not get the benefit of counting it as one less ship in the battle force like the Federation's CVBG under (502.923).
         CVEG example: DN (Admiral, Formation Bonus), BCS+ CVE+MEC+2xDWE, CVD+MEC+HDW-E+DWE, 2xNCA, NSC (free scout). While this is not optimized for the units available at the time of advanced combat formations (318.4), it leaves the enemy with a tough choice on what to attack, even with a mauler.
         The CVEG could have an extra escort added under (515.2) replacing one of the NCAs. To further reduce the ability of the enemy to maul your CVEG, you can escort your BCS as a heavy carrier by adding another ship as an inner escort that counts as a standard escort without violating (515.44) under (525.54).
         With drone bombardment (309.0) and the Kzinti Fast Drone bonus [(318.13) and (318.11)] the combat potential of this fleet is increased from 113 to 133 + 2.5% of effective damage.
(End of F&E Strategy of the Month)

A Call To Arms: Star Fleet Tactic of the Month


        When resolving the damage from weapons in A Call To Arms: Star Fleet, players may choose the order in which the damage from different weapons is resolved. This order can be important because some weapons will average more damage per hit than others when striking the hull of a ship. When rolling on the attack table, a roll of "one" will be a bulkhead hit and score no damage.         Any other roll will score one point of damage. On average, a hull hit will score five-sixths of a point of damage.
Weapons with the Precise trait, however, will never hit the bulkheads and will score critical hits on rolls of five or six, averaging one point of damage.
        Hits from weapons with the Devastating trait (photon torpedoes and seeking weapons) will score no damage on a "one," but will score two critical levels on a "six," for one bonus damage point, assuming that they hit an undamaged system, and so should score one damage point, on average.
        Therefore, you should resolve any weapons damage in the following order: non-precise, non-devastating weapons (e.g, disruptors), then precise and devastating weapons. (The order in which precise and devastating weapons are resolved should not make much difference on average.)
        If the early fire brings the shield down, the later fire will have more effect. Of course, if the damage is not enough to bring down the shield, or there is no shield, it does not matter what order you resolve the damage in.
(End of A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Tactic of the Month)


Throughout the month our graphics director places on the website various cards called Demotivationals. These are like postcards with an image and a phrase that is often used for humor.
These are the Demotivationals for the month of Augest:

Engagement Ring
Baseball Philosophy
Kill Bugs
Fashion Accessories

To see our previous Demotivationals click here.

Mini of the Month
Every month we will feature one or more of our miniatures that has been painted by a fan. If you paint miniatures, submit pictures of your minis and they may be selected for the next Mini of the Month!

Starline 2500 Klingon C7.
Painting and photo by Mark Notestine.

Starline 2500 Klingon C7. Painting and photo by Mark Notestine.

Help us pick the mini of the month on our page on Facebook. The mini with the most likes and shares will become the mini of the month. Vote for the ones you like!

New Releases

Communique #94 has been posted to the Commander's Circle.

Click here to see our previous issues of Hailing Frequencies.

Recently Released

Module C6: Lost Empires Stock #5636 $27.95
Captain's Log #47 Stock #5747 $24.95
Captain's Log #47 Supplemental File Stock #5747-S $1.50
Star Fleet Marines: Last Stand Stock #2102 $34.95
Federation Commander: Reinforcements Attack, Stock # 4110, $29.95
Federation Commander Booster Pack 34 Escorts, Stock #4234, $9.95
Federation Commander Booster Pack 35 Cops & Raiders, Stock #4235, $9.95
Federation Commander Booster Pack 36 Heavies, Stock #4236, $9.95
Captain's Log #46, Stock #5746, $24.95
Starmada: Battleship Armada, Stock #6105, $16.95
Starmada: Battleship Armada Nova Edition, Stock #6105N, $16.95

To be released in 2013
Away Team Log Stock #8010 $24.95
Captain's Log #48 Stock #5748 $TBA
Tribbles vs Klingons. $TBA
A Call to Arms Star Fleet #2, BattleFleets, $TBA (JV-Mongoose)
Federation Admiral, Stock #4080, $TBA
A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Reference Cards, Stock #30001, $14.99
Traveller Prime Directive Core Rulebook, $TBA

PDF SALES: ADB, Inc. continues its relationship with Steve Jackson Games and their e23 Warehouse. We chose e23 because they have a philosophy that agrees with ours -- our customers are honest and honorable and wouldn't aid people who want to steal our products. Furthermore, we know from experience how devastating a computer crash can be and want our customers to know that they don't have to worry about the loss of their e-products bought through e23. What do we have there? We have created a new page that allows easy access to our PDFs for sale on e23. From here you can see what we currently have posted and have links to those products.

Module C6 Preview (FREE!)
SFB Commander's Rule Book Update #2
Captain's Log #31
Federation Commander: Klingon Ship Pack #3
Star Fleet Battles Module D3: Booms & Saucers
Away Team Log
Captain's Log #30
JagdPanther #6

Captain's Log #29
Captain's Log #47 Supplemental File (FREE!)
Federation Commander: Romulan Ship Card Pack #2
Valkenburg Castle

Valkenburg Castle
Module C6 Preview (FREE!)
PD: One Prime Adventure 1
JagdPanther #5
Federation Commander: First Missions (FREE!)
PD One: Graduation Exercise
JagdPanther #4
Away Team Log
PD One: Federation Sourcebook 1994
PD One: Prime Directive Core Book 1993 

Star Fleet Fiction

Bridge, Lyran CW Doomward, four hours later
        Captain Thr'Uule looked across the Bridge at the view screen image of the team his ship was loading from the docked fast transport Shadow of the Hunter. The special team was being transferred, along with some supplies and fuel he had taken from the other ship because he had a Critical Mission Priority voucher. For once, he didn't have to beg and trade for all the extras available. Thirty "scientists" with more baggage than usual had trooped through the boarding hatch from the docked transport. He had stripped the transport of all its probes, excess fuel, eleven head of tunni on the hoof, and some spare parts. The captain of Shadow of the Hunter did not mind, as the Critical Mission Priority voucher would allow him to replace everything he gave up at the nearest base. Such vouchers were an archaic remnant of the old times when each ship was the personal property of one of the nobles and legions of accountants settled scores in cash every month. Even now, when ships belonged to the Navy but were crewed by each county, supplies ultimately were provided - or at least paid for - by the county, not the Navy. All captains knew that a Critical Mission Priority voucher was a free pass for anything they could get, with the bill sent to some accountant light years away, and took advantage of these rare and wondrous things.

        The scientists had refused transporter transfer due to the supposed sensitivity of some of their equipment. In Thr'Uule's opinion, they looked more like Marines than scientists. He noted several of the team had the blue-tinted fur you get from being decontaminated for the Rux Mites found on many Kzinti planets, were burly and scarred, and they all seemed to be carrying powered boarding cutlasses slung over their shoulders. An inordinate amount of heavy body armor, armored sensors, ruggedized computer gear, and disruptor rifles all seemed out of place for a regular Naval Science and Exploration team.
With a sigh, he sharpened his claws on the side of his chair and looked around the Bridge. Senior Astrophysicist Senior Lieutenant Z'orn was engrossed with Chief Warrant Officer Krr'al over the scanner station (presumably optimizing the network for the new mission), while Engineer Junior Lieutenant K'unn was working with a team of technicians on the famously balky main communications console. The Klingon, Environmental Technical Officer Kurq, was rebalancing the recycler systems to accommodate the metabolic load of an additional 31 crew and 11 big food beasts.

        The first of the new war cruisers, including Doomward, had gone to regular Navy officers selected for merit. Doomward was due for a major overhaul in a few months, adding refits and upgrades that experience showed should have been part of the original design. Thr'Uule would move on, probably to an admiral's staff for a year or two before he even had a chance for his next command. Regular Navy officers without noble connections would have trouble getting command of a major warship unless the fleet greatly expanded, which would happen sooner or later when another war with the Kzintis erupted. Thr'Uule would be perfectly positioned to gain such a command.

(Continue reading here)

Ask Admiral Vanaxilth

       David Merritt asks: Can you replace type-I drones one-for-one with type-VI drones in an A/B/C/H/or other non G-rack, if you wanted to?
       ANSWER: Only type-G and type-E racks and ADDs (plus type-H racks that have a type-VI magazine), per (FD2.51), can hold type-VI drones, so, no.

       Roch Chartrand asks: Can someone explain or give me an example of ballistic targeting (F4.0), especially the procedure in (F4.11)?
       ANSWER: A ship in hex 2008 launches a drone in direction A, targeted at hex 1908. The drone moves ahead to 2007A, then turns to 1907F, then turns to 1807E. [Note these are the only moves that satisfy (F2.21) and (F2.22), unless the drone does a high energy turn, which it is not required to do.] At that point, it would begin evading its target hex, and could move to 1708E, 1707E or 1707F.

       Roch Chartrand asks: I have an ECM drone that was protecting a ship moving in direction A, for an entire turn, following the same path and facing as the protected ship. On the following turn my ship went to Speed Zero and made a few warp tactical maneuvers bringing its facing to E. The ECM drone went to Speed Zero to keep pace with the ship. Does the drone do tactical maneuvers to keep the same heading as the ship? I ask this because if my ship starts moving again it will head in direction E, but if the drone is still facing A it will not protect the ship for a few impulses!
       ANSWER: When your ship drops to Speed Zero, so will the ECM drone. It will not change facing, as there is no provision for drones doing tactical maneuvers. However, nothing prevents you from having the drone execute a high energy turn at some point to match the facing of your ship.

        David Zimdars asks: There is an interesting implication here. The ECM drone is at Speed Zero. While it may make a high energy turn at any point (and more than one if at Speed Zero for more than 32 impulses after its first high energy turn), a seeking weapon normally skips its next movement if it does not move during the impulse it uses a high energy turn. This might imply that after an ECM drone did a high energy turn in this situation, it would be unable to follow the ship out of its hex on the first impulse on which it moved. As the drone is at Speed Zero and never moves during this period, one might argue that the drone could accelerate, on a pro forma basis, to some "speed," gain its move but stay in the hex, just for one impulse. This would always work for a Speed-32 weapon, but slower ECM drones might face some perverse circumstances when even this may not be possible.
        ANSWER: I sent this one to Kommodore Ketrick who replied: As I read rule (F2.13) and the specific case of (FD9.182), the player can order an ECM drone to use a high energy turn and provided that the target is moving slower than the ECM drone, this will not cause the ECM drone to "lose a hex of movement" (specific overriding general) because the lost movement is one of the movements it will not use. In the case of slow drones this would have more impact, e.g., a Speed-8 drone moving with a Speed-8 ship which does a high energy turn is going to be left behind because it lost that hex of movement. But a Speed-8 drone accompanying a Speed-7 ship which does a high energy turn can be assumed to have used the unused hex of movement to stay with the ship [under (FD9.182)].

        Scott Iles asks: I cannot find a reference on specifically how the launching ship receives the data. I thought the ship received it via telemetry, but I cannot find a reference that says that. All I can find is (FD6.14) which describes ejecting the probe module and it being recovered by tractor. Is that really the only way to get the data? Rule (FD6.32) describes the probe drone reporting tactical intelligence information, so it seems there is a link of some kind, but I do not want to assume that holds for science data also. Plus, why would you eject the probe module if the data was already sent back to the ship?
On a related note, how long will a probe module collect data? I would assume as long as the drone has endurance, but I do not see that addressed either. If the module does not transmit the data back, is there a limit to how much it can store before the ship retrieves it?
        ANSWER: I sent this one to Kommodore Ketrick who replied: A probe drone does transmit the intelligence it gathers back to the launching ship. The "eject the module" thing was added due to a scenario about Klingon probe drone modules ejected into the asteroid ring around a Hydran colony planet. Note that probe drones are pretty inefficient for gathering intelligence when you are not fighting a monster. As a probe drone can only have one target, it will essentially gather information until it impacts the target (doing no damage) as any other drone (they do not fly along with the target like an ECM drone).

        Mike Kenyon asks: On Impulse #1 a Kzinti ship at Range 12 to a Klingon ship launches four drones including a Stonefish. On Impulse #3, the Klingon launches a wild weasel. On Impulse #8, the drones close to Range 3 of the weasel.
1. Can the Stonefish drone fire?
2. Can you set it for any size class 6/7?
3. Will it recognize the wild weasel as size class 7? (Logically no, but I cannot find a rule saying it will not.)
        ANSWERS: Did you set the Klingon ship as the primary target of the Stonefish drone? Then, yes it will fire when it reaches Range 3 of the wild weasel. However, it will consider the wild weasel to be the same size class as the Klingon ship, so it would not target the wild weasel unless you set it for that size class, or for the primary target.
2. You can, but it would not target the wild weasel if you did. You can program it to accept the primary target, or randomly for a set of size classes, per (FD7.31-4).
3. No, see (J3.203). (Shuttles are size class 6.)
(End of Admiral Vanaxilth)


        Q: Does the rule (450.13) prohibiting the construction of minor shipyards in the capital include all hexes of a multi-hex capital, or only the hex with the shipyard?
        A: Rule (511.0) defines "capital hex" to include all hexes of a multi-hex capital, so you cannot build minor shipyards in any of those hexes.

        Q: Can a half fighter factor be exchanged for two PFs under (442.21)?
        A: If the players have a methodology to keep track of fractional fighter factors, then, sure.

        Q: Can an empire exchange leftover free fighter factors for PFs during the fall turn production phase?
        A: No, it must happen in the Spring turn (422.21).

        Q: Does Conversion During Repair (425.2) reduce the cost of converting a CA or CC to a CX by one XTP? The CX is showing that the base hull is a CA(3) on the SITs.
        A: A Federation CX has a base hull of CA(3), and so does the CA or CC. As such either could be used with Conversion During Repair (CDR) at a major conversion facility with a SBX to make a CX with a CA for (6-1=5) or with a CC (5-1=4) with XTP to make a CX.

        Q: Are area control ships considered CVAs for build limit purposes?
        A: No. Area control ships count against heavy fighter carrier and scout limits only.

        Q: Many of the NCAs have "minor" in their conversion column (from CWs) on the SIT. Does that mean that these conversions can be done at a starbase in one turn?
        A: Yes! That's the beauty of the NCA concept. Even better, some of the conversions to variants qualify for a two-step conversion and still are a three-point minor conversion capable at a starbase outside a major conversion facility location per (437.21).
(End of F&E Q&A)


    Q: Dear Aunt Jean,

   Is there a table somewhere that says how long it takes to build a certain type of ship?

A: That information doesn't exist in Prime Directive or in Star Fleet Battles or any of the basic Star Fleet Universe games. [SFB Galactic Conquest has data extrapolated for that campaign and that campaign only -- and as the person who ran an impoverished empire, I can tell you that some ships took YEARS to scrape up the cash to pay for them. As a rich empire, it didn't really matter as much (at least for an RPG aspect) because a ship of some sort came out of the slips each six-month game turn.]

Why isn't it codified? Because the circumstances change and that changes the length of time to construct a ship. During wartime, the empire may be able to push things through, working 24/7 in all aspects of the industry, cutting some corners here and there. (Does the captain's chair really have to be sealed leather or can we get away with cheap vinyl?) In peacetime, things may take longer -- why should you pay overtime for something there wasn't a need for? So maybe it would take three times as long -- or maybe longer as a worker might not work quite as hard if there were no immediate danger to life and land. That doesn't take into account bureaucracy that might change the specs, add or subtract an upgrade, or institute cost-saving measures. (Gorns, I am thinking of you!) There's always the possibility of sabotage. (Romulans, anyone?)

If you need it for an RPG game, I would advise you to pick something reasonable, based on Real Life ship construction times. Use common sense as a GM and let the players know that in X empire in Y economy, Z is how long it will take, barring any weirdness. Use weirdness happening (as it does on so many construction projects) to fiddle with the due date.

Send questions to Jean at design@StarFleetGames.com and SVC will decide which one Jean will answer next.

(End of Ask Aunt Jean )

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In this section we will provide links to various web pages and items that we think you will find "cool".
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Rangers Page
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Alert 130930 Module C6
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Alert 130809 Away Team Log (Adobe Reader Required)

FC Tactic of the Month

         Suppose you are moving at Baseline Speed 24, but only want to move two hexes. This could be to avoid overload range against a Federation ship, gain a Range 1 shot on a drone wave, etc. The most obvious method is to decelerate, but this costs energy. So how can you do this, without using energy? By using sideslips.
         On your first move, sideslip. It does not matter which direction. For this example, we will sideslip left. Next move straight, and then sideslip right. The hex you end up in is two hexes from your starting point. You have managed to end up exactly where you would have if you had decelerated, added three hexes to satisfying your turn mode count, but you have not used any energy. You can now use that energy for something else.
         So go tease that Federation cruiser by maneuvering to Range 9 without using energy for a deceleration. His overloaded photons won't even get a chance to fire before your disruptors penetrate his shield and knock one of them out.
(End of FC Tactic of the Month)

SFB Tactic of the Month
- Junior Lieutenant William Wilson, USS Colorado

         Many invasion fleets include one or more ships that are capable of landing on planets. No rule restricts the amount of crew that can be on board even a small ship for a short time. Feel free to beam a hundred Boarding Parties onto that free tanker, using it as a gigantic shuttle that never suffers from overcrowding. Even at combat rates, a ship landed on a planet can disgorge vast amounts of manpower and equipment in a short period of time, far more than can be sent down via transporters or shuttles, and more safely as well. It will take an additional turn or two to get through the atmosphere, but if the landing ship spearheads the attack, this is irrelevant.
         Even once landed on the planet, such a ship makes a great rallying point for wounded squads (especially if you have a Legendary Doctor available - one who does not have to be a regular member of the ship's crew). It is also a waypoint for transport of additional troops at non-combat rates, or a place to recover damaged ground combat vehicles if the ship in question is equipped to handle them. Unlike Boarding Parties beaming down into "remote areas," Boarding Parties on board a landed ship cannot be attacked by transporter artillery or search-and-destroy missions. Ground units such as headquarters that do not need to directly participate in combat might be able to use their ability from safely inside the ship as well.
         Also not to be overlooked is the ability of a landed ship to quickly evacuate ground forces, if the battle seems like it will be lost. Ground troops can board a landed ship just as quickly as they can disembark, and be evacuated or relocated to an area where their services may still be of use.
(End of SFB Tactic of the Month)




A very busy day at S.T.A.G.S wargames club in the UK - Questing Knights

Very busy day at S.T.A.G.S wargames club in the UK