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Klingon Attack

"Admiral, the transports are under attack!"

Federation Commander: Transports Attacked

Stock #4109. To buy a copy now, click here.

New Game Value: Cargo Ships.

        Anybody can win a battle flying a cruiser, but can you win a battle flying a transport?

        For that matter, can you win a battle when you have no drones or are nearly out of fuel?

        We didn't think so.
        Its time for the unsung herores of the war effort to take center stage.

Components: 16-page Ship & Scenario guide, sixteen full color double-sided laminated ship cards, 3 bonus frieghter cards, and one defective 8.5x11 hard-mounted double-sided map panel.

To use this product you need either Romulan Border, Klingon Border or Academy.

Who will buy it? Veterans of Star Fleet Battles, players of Federation Commander: Klingon Border, fans of Star Trek, and fans of miniatures starship games.

Ship Cards in this Product:

161 Fed LTT.
162 Klingon D5H.
163 Kzinti LTT.
164 Lyran LTT.
165 Romulan SparrowHawk-H.
166 Hydran LTT.
167 Gorn Heavy destroyer LTT.
168 Tholian LTT.
169 Klingon T6 tug.
170 Romulan KRT.
171 Kzinti Tug.
172 Gorn Tug.
173 Hydran Tug.
174 Lyran Tug.
175 Seltorian LTT.
176 WYN LTT.

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Boosters #31, #32, and #33 provide Cargo Ships and entirely new Ship Cards. SKU 4230, 4231, 4233.(These products are currently in development)

The combination of the rules in this product, and the rules from Klingon Border, Romulan Border or Academy provides all the rules required to play the ships in this product. One of those three products is required to play .

The BPVs of the Klingon T7 and the Klingon T6 were accidentally printed incorrectly. The corrected ship card for the Klingon T7 is here; the Klingon T6 is here.

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