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Battleships Attack


Federation Commander: Battleships Attack

Stock #4104.
New Game Value:
Seven new ships (on huge 8.5x11 cards) and a full-scale starbase, multiple scenarios.
This product requires Romulan Border or Klingon Border for use. It will also work with Academy.
16-page Ship & Scenario guide, 108 half-inch and 40 one-inch full color die cut playing pieces, eight full color over-sized double-sided laminated ship cards, and two 8.5x11 hard-mounted double-sided map panels (with asteroids).
Who will buy it? Veterans of Star Fleet Battles, players of Federation Commander: Klingon Border, fans of Star Trek, and fans of miniatures starship games.

Ship Cards in this Product:

Romulan King Condor, Gorn BB, Kzinti BB, Neo-Tholian BB, Seltorian BW; starbase, Federation Mars, Klingon B10.

Related products:
Border Box #6 provides Seven battleship miniatures and a starbase. Stock number 4406; retail $99.95.
Boosters #16, #17, and #18. Unlike previous boosters, these do not provide additional cards for the main product. Instead, each booster provides eight cards for Dreadnoughts and Dreadnought variants (at least five new cards per booster).Stock #s 4216, 4217, 4218.
Squadron Boxes #16, #17, and #18. Unlike previous squadron boxes, these match the dreadnoughts in the Booster Packs of the same number. Each squadron box has five ships (some ships can be used by multiple cards in the booster). Stock #s 4316, 4317, 4318

Klingon Border or Romulan Border include all required rules for the ships in this product. This product requires one of those products. It will also work with Academy.

Communique: free monthly PDF newsletter with new ships and other items.

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