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federation commander briefing 1

The Middle Years!

Was Star Fleet Ready?

Federation Commander: Briefing #2

The Original Series Years!
It was a simpler time, when wars lasted about an hour, ships did not have the "refits" that covered their flaws and complicated their tactics, and a captain with some guts could get things taken care of before the admirals got involved (and in the way). Not that a visiting commodore couldn't stop by and accidentally start a war now and then!

This 96-page book contains 72 starship diagrams (in both Fleet Scale and Squadron Scale) for the starships of this era. (To save costs, these are non-laminated and black-and-white.)

Also included are ten scenarios reflecting the unique patrol-style battles, border clashes, skirmishes, and free-wheeling phaser fights that raged across the Neutral Zone (and your television screen).

So join us for a simpler time, and a cleaner fight, with ships that exploit each others' flaws with finesse, not brute force, with maneuver instead of overwhelming head-on attacks.

Stock #4022. To buy a copy now, click here.

New Game Value: 72 new ships, ten new scenarios. Tactics. Master Ship Chart.

Components: Ninety-six page book.

Who will buy it? Players of Federation Commander.

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