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The Fralli are a Federation associate member species, widely noted for their ugliness. The Fralli are pale, slender humanoids, with oddly shaped foreheads and nose bridges. While unremarkable in stature and physically weaker than most humanoids, the Fralli possess the distinctive and unusual ability to produce sizeable bioelectrical charges, called "sparks". This bioelectric charge is strong enough to knock a healthy adult Human unconscious for several minutes. Many forms of life on Frallia possess similar, if less pronounced, abilities. Frallis are immune to other Frallis' sparks.

The Fralli File

The FAKE Fralli Pages (story explained here)

Fake File #1
Fake File #2


While the Federation was required (by the charter) to provide the Fralli with starships for their own defense, they hated the Fralli so much that they gave them only old worn-out ships. The clever Fralli cut them apart, saving the still-functional elements of each, and welded together whatever was left, creating a number of ships, such as the Fralli Cruiser.

The Fralli appear in the books PRIME DIRECTIVE FEDERATION for all available systems, such as PD20M and GURPS .



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