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Star Fleet Battle Force

Star Fleet Battle Force

Space Combat Card Game

How Does It Work?

Each player begins with a selection of “ship cards” which may be from one of the space empires of the universe or a mixed fleet from several empires. Each player also has a selection of “action cards” defining various means of attack, defense, and other functions.

When it is your turn, you want to attack and preferably destroy an enemy ship. Select one of your ships to make the attack. If any of the symbols on the ship card match the symbols on action cards in your hand, you can fire those action cards at the enemy! For example, the cruiser below can fire a photon card, phaser card, and drone card at the target. The target ship may be able to use some cards (jamming, counterweapons) to deflect the attack (or part of it), just as you may be able to use special cards to increase your attack. Any damage scored is marked on the target ship card with markers that block some of its weapons from being used on the next turn. If all symbols are covered, the ship is toast!

What's In The Box?

Components: 36 starship cards, 90 action cards, dice, damage markers, player order cards, rulebook, and play aide cards.

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This product does not require any other products for use. Each box includes enough cards for six players. There are no “boosters” that force you to buy pack after pack of useless cards in the hope of finding that one “killer” card that will win every game for you.

Who will buy it? Veterans of Star Fleet Battles, players of Federation Commander, fans of Star Trek, and fans of any starship game.

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