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Starline 2400

Pewter Starships

Add visual interest to your gaming with Starline 2400 precision-scale pewter miniatures!

Ships are beautifully sculpted in a consistent 1/3788- scale; the Federation Heavy Cruiser from the Original Series is three inches long. Other ships range from under an inch to nearly four inches.

The pewter starships require minor assembly, no more than a few patient moments with some epoxy glue or super glue. You can leave them unpainted; or you can paint them in official colors. Click here for the official painting guides in free PDF downloads. You can even make up your own color scheme to make your ships unique!

You can even obtain customized decals to put ship names, hull numbers, national emblems, and other details on your ship. Click here to view a list of websites that make and design decals for your miniatures. (NOTE: ADB Inc. does not endorse any of them, guarantee their work, or offer any compensation if they don't do good work or if their products damage your miniatures.).

For the convenience of gamers, we provide the ships in packages directly related to the individual game products. For example, buying Squadron Boxes #7, #8, and #9 would give you one each of every ship in Romulan Border. Each Squadron Box includes five or more starships.

We also provide Border Boxes of 24 starships which match each set of three Booster Packs. For example, the 24 ship cards in Booster Packs #4, #5, and #6 exactly match the 24 miniature ships in Border Box #2.

Players who are not satisfied with somebody else’s idea of what ships they need and who want to build their own unique fleet can purchase the individual starships. We have many available, some of which have not yet been added to the Federation Commander game system. We add new ships to the product line every few weeks.

We have an on-line painting contest every month where expert painters compete for gift certificates (and sometimes get beat by amateurs who had a passion for the painting of a particular ship). You can find a gallery of the contest winners here. They will no doubt inspire you to new heights of imagination. Painting isn’t that hard, and you can learn from the experts on our Forum. You can start out giving your ships a one-color covering and then, whenever you wish, go back and paint more details on them.

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