War In Space on a Strategic Scale

Federation & Empire is the strategic game of the Star Fleet Universe. It is a game of empires in the 23rd century. When playing Federation & Empire, YOU take the imperial throne of the Klingon Empire, or the Romulan Star Empire, or of other empires, or even the Chairmanship of the United Federation of Planets! You have total command of your empire's economy, production, strategy, and operations.

The Federation & Empire game system is based on four principles:

  • Economics: You have to conquer territory to gain money, and spend money to conquer territory.
  • Battle Force Organization: No matter how many ships you send into a hex, only one fleet can fight in each of the multiple combat rounds, and that fleet is limited by its flagship.
  • Combat Support: Support your battle forces with missile strikes, electronic warfare, and Marines.
  • Attrition: Cheap war-construction ships, fighters, gunboats, and defenses, all wear down the enemy.

Federation & Empire is a game of Total War. Every aspect of your empire is under your control, and is ultimately your responsibility. What ships do you build? What enemy ship types do you make a priority target? Is it better to take the fight to the enemy, or let him crash his fleets into your massive fixed defenses? Is it really worth one hundred destroyed starships to devastate the enemy capital? (Well, usually, it is.) Send ships on raids, loan fleets to your allies, and strategically shift your combat power.

Federation & Empire has extensive support via, our discussion board, our massive 96-hour games at Origins, play-by-Email, and the most accessible designer in the industry. Federation & Empire is the core of an extensive system of expansion modules including Advanced Operations, Strategic Operations, Combined Operations, Planetary Operations, Fighter Operations, Reinforcement, and ISC War.

Federation & Empire - Newly revised for 2010, the boxed set contains over 2100 playing pieces, a huge multi-color map, the completely updated rulebook for 2010, and more.

Advanced Operations - The expansion for F&E, with raids, admirals, advanced combat and scouts, special base construction, advanced economics, casual PF Flotillas, special warships, special support units, penal ships, F111 units, non-player Orions, expanded carrier groups, flagship escort groups, the huge Winds of Fire campaign (six simultaneous scenarios), a 26-page ship information table, updated orders of battle, and more.

Strategic Operations - Hospital ships to undevastate planets. Sector bases to bolster defenses. Operational bases to move the fight toward the enemy. Small transports to move around small things (money, people, etc.). Dozens of new ship types. Engineers to build defenses. Survey ships to find money. Diplomats that make deals that could delay war or just make money!

Combined Operations - Expanded and revised rules for F&E including Advanced Combat Table, Shock, Stasis Field Generators, Electronic Warfare, Commercial Convoys, Base Stations, Auxiliary carriers, Klingon 77th and Kzinti 23rd divisions, Hydran fighter and fire support pallets, LTTs, pods, Monitors, special attack forces, ground combat, prime teams, police ships.

Planetary Operations - An expansion for Federation & Empire covering advanced raids, Marine major generals, Tholian pinwheels, Depot Level Repair, Planetary repair dock, conversion during repair, rapid repair during combat, colonial development, advanced deficit spending, transferring provinces, trade with the WYN Cluster, minor shipyards, medium shipyards, production overrides, allowable substitutions, police carriers, police flagships, and optional Orion pirates.

Fighter Operations - This is the revised release of Carrier War, with updated rules, a complete revision to the GALE FORCE and FOUR POWERS WAR scenarios, and dozens of new carriers and escorts.

Reinforcements - This is the expansion pack for F&E including countersheets TWO, V1+V2, R+S, N+O, and M+M.

ISC War - The final empire comes to Federation & Empire as the Inter-Stellar Concordium arrives to keep the peace.

Federation and Empire Compendium - The Compendium contains every F&E article (indeed, the entire F&E sections) from Captain's Log #20 through Captain's Log #40. These have not been updated or edited from the original publication, and are provided for reference and player convenience.

Federation & Empire Errata
Counters for F&E, List of (Adobe Acrobat Required)
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