The very word strikes fear in the hearts of cowards and inspires respect in the hearts of warriors across the galaxy. Overshadowed by the economic aggression of the Federation, the Deep Space Fleet stands ready to defend the Empire or conquer any enemy. Few realize that when the Federation announced its border declaration of 2502, it “accidentally” incorporated dozens of planets rightfully claimed by the Klingons. Klingon warships patrol the disputed border and make certain that the Federation knows: “This Is Not Over!”

FEDERATION COMMANDER is the new full-color fast-playing game of starship combat. Klingon Border is the gateway to the game system and does not require any other products for game play. Buy Now!

Klingons People

Klingons Ship

For a fast-playing full-color card game of starship combat, check out STAR FLEET BATTLE FORCE. The game can be taught in 10 minutes and played in an hour. Buy Now!

The PRIME DIRECTIVE series of sourcebooks explores dozens of new civilizations.

No exploration of the Star Fleet Universe would be complete without starships. We offer a full range of pewter starships in 1/3788 scale (most are two or three inches long) both as individual ships and in Squadron Boxes of five ships. Photos are also available to view samples of these pewter miniatures.

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