Magellanic Cloud
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On their way to invade the Milky Way, the Andromedan invaders established a base in the Lesser Magellanic Cloud. This island galaxy, near the Milky Way, was inhabited by spacefaring empires: the Baduvai Imperium, the Eneen Protectorates, the Maghadim Hives, the Yrol Septs, the Uthiki Harmony, the Chomak Community, and some Neutral Worlds.

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The two "Clouds of Magellan" can be seen from Earth's southern hemisphere. They were unknown to Europeans until Ferdinand Magellan sailed around the world, passing around the southern tips of Africa and South America. Astronomers know them as the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Small Magellanic Cloud. In the Star Fleet Universe, the terms used are the Greater Magellanic Cloud (scene of the Star Fleet Warlord campaign games) and the Lesser Magellanic Cloud. The links go to NASA photographs of these island galaxies. The Greater Magellanic Cloud is about 180,000 light years below the Milky Way, and the Lesser Magellanic Cloud is about 200,000 light years away. For comparison, the Andromeda galaxy is about two million light years away (but it is getting closer every day!).

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