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Star Fleet Missions
Star Fleet Missions is an out of print card game in the Star Fleet Universe. Each player drew a hand of ships to work from, then a mission was flipped over. The ship that best suited the mission won, and the player with the most successful missions was the winner. This is not the same game as STAR FLEET BATTLE FORCE our currently produced fast-paced starship action card game.

Game Prototype Kits
We offer two of these kits, each including die-cut counters and a blank hex map, to help you design your own games or expansions to other games. One kit has half-inch counters and the other has one-inch counters. You can find these here: Star Fleet Store


Non-Game Products Page (Books, pins, and more!)

Cafe Press Link leaves You can get virtually any Star Fleet art on a coffee mug, tote bag, throw pillow, poster, christmas ornament, or anything else! Check out Cafe Press store and if you don't find what you want, Email the graphics director ( and ask him to add it.


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