We have the background you want in the game systems you already love! Explore strange new worlds with Star Fleet, attack enemy battle stations with the Klingons, slip across the border with the Romulan Privateers, collect souvenirs with the Orion Pirates. Be whatever character you want to be on whatever ship you want to fly doing pretty much whatever you want. It's a big galaxy! You can use the menu above to find out more information our different role playing products.

The most critical things to know about the Prime Directive Role-Playing Universe are:

  1. We are here to stay. Our license never expires and we will not be shut down in two years like other RPGs of this genre. Yes, we have a contract with Paramount and all of this is 100% legal
  2. Rather than inventing a new system and trying to recruit players for it, we offer our books in a variety of existing and very popular systems.
  3. Because the Prime Directive Universe is presented in widely used systems, no end of already-published books can be used as source material for any planet you want to visit.
  4. We currently offer Prime Directive in two game engines, and are negotiating for some others. We won't do every game engine but we will do the ones that make good business sense.

Introduction to the Star Fleet Universe: Prime Directive and Roleplaying

Ever wondered just what is the Star Fleet Universe? Want to find out? This short introduction provides some of the background, "geography," timeline, mysteries, and a quick look at the species inhabiting the Star Fleet Universe. It can also be used as a brief introduction of what is "known" for new players at demos and conventions. Come game with us in the Star Fleet Universe!

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