Star Fleet Battles Errata: (T0.0)

(T1.0) The reference in the 2nd paragraph means the map on this page is more complete than the map provided on page #6 of Basic Set.

(T2.12) The reference to a "fleet list" should be to "Master Ship Chart".

(T2.2) The player whose forces do not withdraw is awarded the appropriate points under (S2.21) for forcing an enemy ship(s) to disengage. The disengaged ships are not destroyed, but are available to be deployed in a subsequent round.

(T3.0) The Kang is a C8K, not a C8B.

(T3.3332) The listing "type-IIIEW(M) drones means that the drones are type-III frames carrying EW modules (FD9.0) and are "medium," i.e., speed 20, drones.

(T4S1.2) The Commercial Platform shown in the SSD on page 74 of Module J is correct for the scenario but does not match the more general description in the extract of the R-section in that product. ComPlats DO have positional stabilizers.

(T4S4.2) The commercial platform has its stabilizers locked. The planetary defenses are at WS-I.

(T4.22) If the Q-ship is destroyed, the freighter that it replaced does not come back in the next scenario.

(T4.31) The Orion DW is in Module R2. If you do not have that module, replace the two DWs with a CR and an LR. The DWE in (T4.212) can be replaced by a CRE. The LR Tortuga was not present for this campaign. (T4.422) Non-carrier ships borrow replacement supplies from the ship that resupplies the carrier.

(T6S1.2) Federation: Police ship was the Trooper.

(T6S2.2) Federation: POLs were the Bailiff, Summons, and Bobby.

(T6S6.2) Maimer should read Mangler.

(T6.231) The reference to there being four option mounts that could be filled with two plasma-S/Gs is incorrect. The force could mount a maximum of one plasma-S/G and one plasma-F.

(T6.232) Note that there are only three "any weapon" mounts, which would enable the force to have ten phaser-gatlings, hellbores, photons, or fusions.

(T6.25) The following ships were listed as being in module J by

(T6.25) but have been moved elsewhere in the editing process: Klingon D7V Module R3, Kzinti MAC Advanced Missions, Lyran CVL Module R3, CWA Module R3, and DWA Module R3.

(T7S3.0) The ROC is in Module R4.

(T7S3.46) The Federation GSC is effectively the CVL, and the note at the end reflects that the GSC should retain the six F-18s of the CVL.

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