Virtual Tour 1
13 Jan 2009: Just after buying the building.

A view from outside. That's Steve Petrick trying to get the keys to work and Leanna Cole checking out the area.

Three views of the lobby. The lobby is 24x34 feet, bigger than the current office. This area will house the kyoceras (right side, back), bookbinders (right side, front), conference room (left side, back), and Jean's office (left sie, front).lobby



Hallway, left side, Kitchen

Hallway, left side, SVC's office
SVC Office

Hallway, right side, Leanna's Office
Leanna's Office

Hallway, right side, Petrick's office
Petrick's Office

At the back end of the hallway is a "room" I call the "crossroads". To the left is the office that Eric and Mike will use. To the right is the "tool room" which will house the sofa, recliner, and spare bed for when us old people need a nap. Straight back is the "big room".

This is the "big room" which will be the "on site warehouse" with storage of finished games and Fed Commander parts. (SFB parts will go into what will eventually be Jean's office, up front.) To the right of this room is another big room which will be packing-assembly-shipping.
Big Room

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3 Feb 2009: when we had just moved in.


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