Virtual Tour 2
3 Feb 2009: When We Had Just Moved In.

We will start this virtual tour of the new office just inside the front door. The "big front room" is divided into four "areas/rooms" by low walls/banisters.

Looking to the right, we see the "bookbinding room" which is 1/4 of the "big front room".
book binder

I ask you guys to remember that we just completed "moving all the stuff in" and have not finished "unpacking and putting away" the stuff.

Looking left (and we really shouldn't) you see the front windows and a pile of stuff in what might someday be Jean's office. The plan is for everybody to spend one hour per day unpacking and putting away things.
Jean's Office

Walking about 15 feet forward, we look to the right into the print shop.
print shop

And to the left into the Conference Room. As you can see, we haven't yet put the flag up.
conference room

Moving into the hallway, we turn right to look into Leanna's office. As you can see, she got the big fancy office and she also has the only office that is pretty much put together.
Leanna's Office

Across the hall (to the left) is the kitchen.

Further down the hallway, we have SVC's office to the left (note the many boxes of stuff yet to be unpacked)
SVC's Office

And SPP's office to the right. (note that the office is dark and brooding, just like Petrick)
Petrick's Office

At the end of the hallway, we have Mike and Eric's office on the left
Mike & Eric's Office

And the "Equipment Room" on the right
Equipment room

Again, you'll have to forgive the mess. We're moved in but not unpacked.

Beyond the end of the hallway, the big back room is now the Stock Room. This is where finished products await the call to be shipped out. The room is dominated by the two huge "grocery store shelf units". I provide three views here.

The first is from the hallway door. I held the camera above my head since otherwise you would only see the first shelf.
Stockroom 1

This one is in between the two shelves.
Stockroom 2

This one is from the back door (diagonally opposite the first picture)
Stockroom 3

This is the packing room. The first photo is from the door, looking diagonally across the room. You can see the shrinkwrap machine in the middle-right and the power-cutter in the middle left. The big brown tables in the middle are the packing table and the packing room desk.
packing room

And this one is from the corner to the right, looking back on the opposite diagonal. The tables seen on the left wall are the assembly line, good to pack as many as 50 copies of a product at once.
packing room 2

Unseen, behind the photographer in both cases, is the wall of the packing room where we will (in the next few days) install the "ready use" stock shelves.

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