Virtual Tour 2
26 March 2009: We are all moved in!

A White Amarillo Christmas

White Christmas A White Christmas B White Christmas C

The first snow fall for the year 2011 on October 27.

First Snow fall

Closeup of front of building.

front of building

Front of building from across the street. Masonic Lodge (and Petrick's car) on the left, Rumors (a bar, and SVC's car) on right.


The Bindery: Just inside the front door, to the right. Two bookbinders, one booklet maker, and assorted paper storage.

book binder

The unused front office, which might be Jean's office someday. At left is a work table used for various projects. In the back is a large table (with a blue tablecloth) hiding the last few boxes of unsorted clutter. The stack of boxes on the blue table are empty paper cartons to be given away during the upcoming Open House to anybody who needs a box. The stack of boxes on the right goes under the counter, but was moved out of the way of the floor cleaning crew last night. At the extreme right is the fake tree we use to make the office feel alive.

front office

The Conference room, part of the front area, to the right (back) of the front office. The file cabinets have all of the mail order invoices for the last two years. On the extreme left you can see the edge of Paula, the older Kyocera used for routine office printing. Note four of the set of nine new chairs Leanna bought.


The print shop. Two of the Kyoceras are visible (Kate on the left, Vala on the right), the third (Samantha) is behind the low wall (you can see the ethernet wire leading to her).


This photo (which did not turn out well) shows the hallway, with Leanna and Petrick's office on the right, the kitchen and SVC's office  on the left.


Leanna's office. Note the lack of clutter, the woodwork, and the fresh flowers. Who runs this outfit?

Leanna's Office

The kitchen, including the rarely used fax machine.


Steve Cole's office. No, it's always like that, really. He cannot work without clutter. The "targets" in the back are from two fo the times he scored "high expert" (242 and 243 out of 250) with his military pistol.

SVC's Office

Petrick's office. Not as cluttered as SVC's (because most of the clutter is in the pile behind the door on the left). On the extreme right, you can see the grandfather clock which chimes the hours and helps us all organize our day.

Petrick's Office

Eric, on the right, and Mike's desk on the left.

Eric & Mike's Office

The equipment room, used to store tools and anything else. This includes a recliner, a fold-out sofa, and a bed, in case we get snowed in and have to spend the night (or just want to take a nap).

equipment room

The Stock Room, where we keep products for sale and a small quantity of components to assemble faster-selling products.

stock room

The Packing Room, where products are assembled and orders are packed. Note the newly-installed shelves (compared to the previous tour).

packing room

The promised "reverse view" of the packing room, showing the shelves for "ready use" inventory, enough to pack one day's orders. These bins are restocked every night so that we can ship orders promptly the next day.

reverse of packing room

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