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Tholians are crystalline creatures who exist in very high temperatures. Tholians keep to themselves, and enslave prisoners as forced labor. The Tholians fiercely defend their territory, using web technology that no one else can understand. The Tholians are not native to our galaxy, but are the former masters of the M81 galaxy, who were overthrown by their Seltorian slaves 200 years ago. A billion Tholians arrived in our galaxy and used their technology to take over a small corner of the Klingon Empire. The Federation has sworn to protect the Tholians from Klingon attacks, not that the Tholians want any help.

FEDERATION COMMANDER is the new full-color fast-playing game of starship combat. Click here for an in-depth look at the game or click here to purchase this game.


For a fast-playing full-color card game of starship combat, check out STAR FLEET BATTLE FORCE. The game can be taught in 10 minutes and played in an hour. Click here to buy the game, or click here for an in-depth look at the game system.

The PRIME DIRECTIVE series of sourcebooks explores dozens of new civilizations. Click here for more information or click here to purchase these books.

No exploration of the Star Fleet Universe would be complete without starships. We offer a full range of pewter starships in 1/3788 scale (most are two or three inches long) both as individual ships and in Squadron Boxes of five ships. Click here for photos and information or here to purchase these ships.

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