Captain's Log

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Captain's Log is the official journal of the Star Fleet Universe. More than a magazine, it is in one way an expansion module for each of our various product lines, and in other ways is the primary means of communication between the company and you, the gamers.
Captain's Log is published twice a year, in May (just in time for convention season) and in November (to wrap up the year's developments and set the tone for the next year). It includes fiction (including historical monographs), news (product schedules, rules updates, convention news), and no end of "play value material" including new ships, rules, and scenarios. Captain's Log has continually expanded, from the 48 pages of issue #1 to the 120 pages of issues #34-44. Starting with issue #45 we expanded to 144 pages. As noted, it covers all of our product lines.
Captain's Log has been referred to as a gigantic "fill in the blank" project, with its highly varied content hiding a fairly standard format. While most of these "blanks" are filled each issue, we usually drop one or two "recurring" items from any given issue.

Captain's Log is divided into sections: